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Falconry has long been regarded as a noble sport, and it has a very ancient pedigree. According to traditional views, people first began to use tame birds of prey for hunting game in central Asia during the first or second millennium BC. Through trade and other contacts, the practice then extended westwards into the Middle East, and eventually to Europe.

A packed half day experience designed to give you a greater insight into the ancient & noble sport of Falconry.

The morning/afternoon starts with handling & flying many types of bird, which will include several species of Falcon, Hawks, Owls and Eagle.

When you have completed your initial training we will then give you the opportunity to fly a variety of birds unaided.

An unforgettable day!

An absolutely invigorating experience. Some of the companies that have organised these events are hello scotland and maximillion events, and they should be contacted directly for more information.

Email for more details and booking.


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