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Finlaystone House & Gardens ScotlandFinlaystone House & Gardens Scotland

Finlaystone Country Estate

Flowers in the estate grounds.Finlaystone House sits amongst the beautiful gardens and woodlands of Finlaystone Country Estate. Thanks to the long-term management of the estate grounds The Estate has become one of Renfrewshire's most popular paid visitor attractions and provides the perfect setting for a wide range of concerts and orchestras and through the Historic Houses Association a demand for group tours.

The renowned gardens, laid out in 1900 and constantly attended to since, are worth pausing to appreciate. Don't miss the 'smelly' garden or the intricate celtic paving. Enjoy the sweeping lawns and sculptured hedges, and relax in the walled garden. This provides the perfect setting for visitors who are following a regular walking regime as part of a healthier lifestyle.

The house is surrounded by approximately 140 acres of woodland and some of which has been estimated to be in the region of at least 300-400 years old. A large variety of wildlife call the estate their home, including roe deer, fox, squirrel, stoat, a large colony of bats and otters. The mud flats, which have been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest are home to many important species of birds. The grounds also host the second largest heronry in the south west of Scotland and according to a 1998 survey the Estate is home to over 50 species of breeding birds.

For more information on Finlaystone Country Estate, visit the Estates official web site.


Finlaystone House & Gardens

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