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The Dennistouns

"Kings come of us, not we of Kings"

“Finlay's Town” was part of the 12th century lands of Danziel, and its first recorded lairds were known as the Barons “of Danziel's Town” or “de Denzilstone”.

Sir Hugh de Danzielstone swore fealty in 1296; while Hugh Dalneston was sent gifts by David II in 1343.

Sir John de Danvelstoun, grand-uncle of King Robert III, was laird of Glencairn & Keeper of Dumbarton Castle in 1359; he was succeeded by his son Sir Robert Danielstoun, who was confirmed in 1393 in Danyelstoun and Finlaystoun “to be holden of the King and his successors for payment yearly on the first of Pentecost at the village of Renfrew of a silver penny”.

He died in 1399 leaving two daughters: Elizabeth inherited Newark Castle and married Sir Robert Maxwell; while Margaret took the Baronies of Finlaystone and Glencairn to her husband William Cunningham.


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